Sunday, January 31, 2010

#138 An American In Paris (1951)


Director: Vincente Minnelli

Cast: Gene Kelly, Jerry Mulligan, Leslie Caron, Lise Bouvier, Oscar Levant, Adam Cook, Georges Guetary

A remarkable, joyful musical starring Gene Kelly as a broke, but hopeful artist who is the joy of his Parisian neighborhood with the company of a talented concert pianist and suave French singer. He hits luck when a beautiful and rich woman decides to sponsor him and look after his career, but he is thrown off course when he falls in love with another woman... another woman who happens to be engaged to his French singer friend.

The end of the film is capped off with an 18 minute ballet choreographed by Gene Kelly himself-- quite spectacular indeed. Although, I must say-- my favorite moment of the film was when Gene Kelly made a crack comment about 3rd year American college students going to Europe to dabble up some culture. Woops.

At any rate-- love this film-- I hope I see it again in the future. My mind has been wandering lately.

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