Sunday, January 17, 2010

#131 Top Hat (1935)


Director: Mark Sandrich
Cast: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton, Erik Rhodes, Eric Blore, Helen Broderick

Here in a classic Astaire-Rogers musical, the two find themselves in an unfortunate misunderstanding: Astaire has immediately fallen for the luscious Rogers, but she has mistaken him for his married friend. Thus, the entire film centers around this misunderstanding-- Astaire pursues Rogers with romantic intentions, and Rogers tries to hold back in fear she is being seduced by a married man. In the end, however, as you could imagine-- the film comes to a delightful close.

It features Cheek to Cheek, as well as a few other splendid classics, and this is the film John Coffey watches right before his execution in the film The Green Mile. I must say, it'd probably be a top contender for the last film I ever see as well.
Loved it.

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